Basic of AJAX

Introduction to AJAX

AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is used in webdevelopment to enrich the web application. Before ajax the web page has to interact with the server and load the entire page newly each time when the page get loaded. But AJAX interact with the server and load the data in the particular region of the page using javascript. So the page is not get refreshed each time, so user can feel just like the windows application.

Ajax has internet standareds

1) JavaScript

2) XML


4) CSS

 XMLHttpRequest object

 XMLHttpRequest is an important part of the AJAX web development technique, and it is used by many websites to implement responsive and dynamic web applications. Ajax uses XMLHttpRequest object to interact with the server by sending request to server and receiving response from the server and update the region, this request and response is take place at the background


In the VS2008 now the AJAX is get included with the .NET Framework3.5, so there is no need to download the separately for ajax. Apart from the Ajax basics control there are several AJAX server extender control is also available you can make use of it for easy programming. To download the Ajax Control Toolkit click here

How to Download Ajax control Toolkit for framework3.5

1) After download the zip file from the above link. Just extract the zip file In a separate folder .

2) Create a separate tab in Toolbox for AJAX Toolkid

3) Right click inside the Tab control choose the browse button then select the path where you extract the Toolkit. Inside that Select SampleWebsite => bi n=> insid that select the AjaxControlToolkit.dll. click ok Now the Extender control is ready for use.

 Keep Enjoy !

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