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WCF Timeout Even Exceptions

There are four types of time out in WCF all are configurable in web/app config file.

1. OpenTimeOut- Connection open time out

2. CloseTimeout- connection close time out

3. SendTimeout- data/request send time out

4. ReceiveTimeout- data / response receive time out

You can configure this for the <bindings> in web config

 You have to check which time out you are facing and set appropriet value in the setting

      <binding name = “Example” sendTimeout = “00:05:00″/>

Fetch the Sharepoint ListItem value directly from SQL Server


    Are you looking to get the ListItem Values from the sharepoint List directly from the Sql Server, If you know List Name or List GUID then you can get the values.  Use the below query and replace the GUID or Listname in where part of the Sql query










dbo.UserData.tp_ListId = ‘{A1E60AA0-2A83-4CE5-AB2D-E22236206772}’

(or another type)

select dbo







dbo.Lists innerjoin dbo.UserData on dbo.Lists.tp_ID=dbo.UserData.tp_ListIdwhere



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