Steps to create Certificate using OpenSSL

Step 1: Create Private Key

genrsaout C:\cert\private.key 1024


Step 2: Create intermediate self-signed root CA certificate

reqnew -x509 –days 1826 –key C:\cert\private.key –out C:\cert\rootCert.crt


Step 3: Create intermediate private key

genrsaout C:\cert\intermediatekey.key 1024


Step 4: Create intermediate request file

reqnewkey C:\cert\intermediatekey.key –out C:\cert\intermediate.csr


Step 5: Create intermediate certificate

x509 -req –days 1826 -in C:\cert\intermediate.csr –CA C:\cert\DSS\rootCert.crt -CAkey C:\cert\private.key –set_serial 01 –out C:\cert\intermediateCert.crt


Step 6: Package all the above file into .pfx file


pkcs12exportout C:\cert\DSS2.pfx –inkey C:\cert\DSS\intermediatekey.key –in C:\cert\intermediateCert.crt –chainCAfile C:\cert\rootCert.crt

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