ASP.NET Core AddSingleton vs AddScoped vs AddTransient

In .net core while register services with dependency injection container in “ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)” in Startup.cs, we can define the lifetime of the instance across the application using any one of the three methods.


  • Only one instance will create and that instance will be available through out the application.
  • So that when ever we need the instance that created during application start we could able to access it at any point in the application.
  • At any number of http request we could able to access the same instance


  • For each http request new instance will gets created.
  • The instance gets created using AddScoped, will be alive only for that particular http request


  • Irrespective of http request, every time when we look for an instance, it will create an instance every time
  • Example, in an single http request if we are trying to access Student repository instance more than a time, each time it will create new instance separately

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