Steps to create Virtual Directory in IIS 7.0

You created the web application which is out side of inetpub folder, you don’t want to place your application under Inetpub/wwwRoot folder, insted you want to refer current web application as application path. You can do by using Virtual path. For one web application you can create any number of virtual directory.

While you are accessing the web application in IIS which is out side of Inetpub/wwwRoot folder you need to do some configuration in that first step is creating virtual directory. Let see how to create Virtual directory in IIS

Steps to create Virtual Directory
1) Open the IIS and expand the Sites tree structure.
2) Select the site under which you are going to create the virtual directory
3) Right click on it
4) select’ Add Virtual Directory
5) In the Add Virtual Directory popup Enter your ‘Alias‘ name for your web application
6) Select the actual location of your web application in ‘Physical Path
7) Click on ‘Connect as..‘ button
8) In the ‘Connect As’ popup if you need to authenticate your web application using specific user then select the ‘Specific User‘ option and enter the user
9) Else you need to authenticate all application users select ‘Application User‘ option. (Recomended)
10) Click on Ok button

Now you will find New virtual directory will created under the selected Website with the ‘Alias’ name. To make it accessable permission to the application folder you need to Edit the permission for the folder.

*) Click on the ‘Edit Permissions‘ on the Action Panel
*) Select the ‘Security‘ tab from the Pop up
*) Under the Group or Username section click on ‘Edit…‘ Button
*) In the New popup again click on ‘Add‘ button.
*) Select the Group or Users to home you are going to assign permission. Make sure you added ‘IIS_IUSRS‘ and ‘IUSR’ and it have minimum read permision.
*) click ‘Ok’ button on all the popups

Also make sure you enabled ‘Anonymous Authentication‘ under IIS Section of ‘Feature View

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