How can you get the best out of Sitecore?

Get the website requirment, analyze the site’s requirements, breakdown into smaller entities, using entities build normalized sitecore data template, then work further understand the content structure.

To build good template, should aware of below checklist

– Based on the site’s requirment think about entities and fields.
– Group all releted fields under logical section.
– Identify all common fields and create a base template.
– Field name used should be easily understand by business users.
– “Display Name” property to provide friendly name to an item.
– Always set default values in standard values.
– Apply Icon to templates, so that it is easy to recognize.
– Presentation should be configured in standard values.
– Utilize branch templates for predefined structure creation.

Content Structure:
Once the templates have been created, you need to begin work on creating Content Item in content tree.

– As a standard, try not to have more than 100 items under particular node. If expecting more than 100, then consider using buckets or create folders in a way that it doesn’t exceed more then 100 child per folder/item.
– Try to have only page items created under home page.
– Make sure we have security added for items based on user access roles.
– For faster access index should be configured.
– Also maintain minimal version for each item.


Now the content structure is ready, let’s get started on creating the presentation

– Make sure all the LAYOUTS are created under ‘/Sitecore/Layout/Layouts’, can also create sub folders if needed with access limitation.
– For each device layout should not have more than 3 layouts structure.
– Layout details should be assigned in standard values and not in Template/Item level.
– Use Field Renderer object to render the fields on presentation.
– Caching options should be configured whenever the controls are used, based on the control definitions.




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